What is a virtual fun run?

When do I run?

Where do I run?

Is there a physical event or meet up?

How does someone join my team?

For more information on getting others to joining your team, run here.

How many people can run in my team?

What distances can I run?

Choose a distance that’s right for you!

  • 2.5km
  • 5km
  • 10km
  • Half Marathon (21km)
  • Intermediate Triple (2.5km, 5km & 10km)
  • Advanced Triple (5km, 10km & Half Marathon)

You can choose to run your distance in one go, or break it up over the four-week event.

How much is registration?

Registration is a flat-rate of $30.00 per person no matter which distance you choose.

Registration includes:

  • Entry into any of our Virtual Events (including the Intermediate and Advanced Triple distances)
  • FREE Official Park2Park Cap
  • FREE Finisher’s Medal

Student (Primary School and High School Students only) registration is $20.00

Family of four (4) registration is $90.00

Donations are optional

What is the Intermediate and Advanced Triple?

Now you have four weeks to complete your distance, why not challenge yourself with one of our Triples?

The Intermediate Triple includes three of our iconic distances:

  • 2.5km
  • 5km
  • 10km

The Advanced Triple includes three of our biggest iconic distances:

  • 5km
  • 10km
  • Half Marathon (21km)

You can choose to run your three distances anytime over the four-week event.

Can I complete my run over the 4 weeks?

How do I track my run?

For info on tracking your run, click here.

But tracking your run is not compulsory. We’re operating on good old trust here. We believe you’ll go get it done!

Running with a Hospital

Run (virtually) with a West Moreton Hospital this Park2Park and show your support regionally! This of this as a geographical team. Who will you choose to run with this year?

When you register, simply choose to virtually run with a hospital in the West Moreton region. Click to find out more about each location.

When/ where do I collect my Park2Park Cap?

For all locations, dates and times to collect your Cap, please visit this page.

When/ where do I collect my Finisher’s Medal?

Like any running event, you’ll get your Finisher’s Medal after you run. We’re aiming to get all Finisher’s Medals ready for collection after the event finishes (August 30, 2020). However, COVID-19 has seen some delays in production and delivery. Thank you for being patient!

To check the Medal Collection points and times, click here.

Does Park2Park Virtual Count towards the 10-year Club?

Yes, it sure does! Consider Park2Park Virtual like any other year. If you think you qualify for the 10-year Club, send us a message on our Contact Us page.

How do I fundraise?

For more details on raising funds, head to our Fundraising Page.

How can I donate?

For more details on donating and to make a donation, head to our Donation Page.