About Park2Park

Ipswich Hospital Foundation’s Park2Park fun run, is our flagship annual event raising vital funds for medical local research initiatives. This research is conducted by West Moreton Health researchers, here in our region looking into issues that affect our community.

Park2Park has been running for over 19 years and is a favourite among the community. The event encourages physical activity, community and togetherness and ensures that our people will have access to nearby healthcare for generations to come.

Ipswich Hospital Foundation relies on individuals, teams and the community to raise as much as they can to fund the vital medical research and innovation in our area. Every dollar you raise goes towards creating change for our community now, and into the future. There is no fundraising minimum for Park2Park, however, we encourage everyone to give it their all and make as much impact as they can.

Check out these highlights from previous Park2Park events:

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