10 Year Club

In celebration of the 10th Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park in 2014, the 10-Year Club was formed. 

In recognition of having completed 10 of any of the events at Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park, you are eligible to be inducted into the 10-Year Club.

If you believe this is your 10th Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park, please email us: park2park@ihfoundation.org.au. If possible please include your finish times from each of your 9 years of participation.

After completion of this year’s Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park,  you will be awarded a certificate of recognition, a commemorative polo shirt at the presentations on the day and your name will appear on our honour board.

You must register and contact us 7 days prior to the event in order to receive your award and be recognised at the Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park presentations.

10 year club 2022

Irene Williams
Louise Brown
Robert Guglielmi
Jeff Williams
Dave Thomas

Debbie Keylar
Rose Rice
Louise Vieth
Brett Kitching
Peter Foley
Paul Owens
David Hunter


Evangeline Seth
Kellee Ives

Kylie Crouch
Garry Page
Jacki Sherman
John Baguley

Taryn Charlton
Mertsi (Pop) Saari
Sheryl Bichel
Kevin Modini
Peter Geraghty
Gary Stephan
Liam Stephan
David Lambert

Jenny Reedman
Roslyn Cowan
Tracy Leiper
Kylie Hohn
Peter Reeves
Rae Kaminski
Paul Shard

Rebecca Ungermann (nee Nunn)
Clara Turner
David Bell
Wendy Robinson
Mark Phillips
Gloria Bryson
Kathlenn Geipel

Bob Large
Rob Richards
Bill Leather
Graham Phillips
Alan Phillips
Dennis Keller
Keith Slater
Cassandra Costello