Show that team spirit and run Park2Park in a Team

Whether you are a team of 2, a team of 4, a team of 20, or a team of 100you can enter your team into Park2Park.  

How to register as a team

1) Click “Team Registration” below

2) Choose how you’ll be entering yourself

  • Individual $30
  • Family of four $90
  • Student (primary or high school) $20

3) Enter your “Team/Family name”

4) Complete your registration and checkout

5) Share your team name with the rest of your team

*Remember, if you want others to be in your team, they need to enter the team name exactly how you did.  

  • Each Team Member can choose any distance – you can all do a different distance. 
  • Teams can choose to run together (socially distanced) 
  • Team Members can run by themselves 
  • Team Members can run anytime during the four-week event 
  • Team spirit, matching outfits and team songs are encouraged (not mandatory)