Fund local research to bring better care closer to home

We’re entering an exciting time, we are on a path to becoming a tertiary, teaching hospital.

To get there, we need to support our local hospital with funding for local research opportunities.

By advancing with local research and taking the steps to become a tertiary hospital, locals won’t need to travel as far for the healthcare they need.

It’s important to get our local researchers focusing on issues that affect local people and your support will do just that!

Funding local research will bring better care closer to home for our community.

Giving made easy

To make giving even easier, we’ve partnered with Grassrootz to give you the ability to easily donate or even create your own fundraising page.

In just a few clicks, you can donate once, regularly, or even customize a fundraising page.

The funds you give go directly to supporting local research by local research.  So, let’s get started!