Annie’s Virtual Fun Run: Farm2Farm

When we said you could run anywhere, anytime, Annie and her family made their own 5km course on their farm at home.
Annie and her family

Now that our 16th annual fun run has gone virtual, you can complete your charity run anywhere at any time.

Annie and her family couldn’t be happier about the decision to keep the run going despite the restrictions of COVID-19.

According to Annie, “I’m really glad the Hospital Foundation didn’t let it slide by this year.

“It’s really simple for people to do this kind of run because it’s anywhere and anytime.

This year, we’re running our Park2Park on our family farm.”

She goes on to say that “there’s never been a better time with everything that’s going on in the world to focus on your fitness.” And Annie and her family have been doing that for years.

“Park2Park Virtual Fun Run caters for everyone. You can walk. You can jog. You can run.”

Past Park2Park Runs

Annie and her family have been taking part in our fun run for years.

In fact, her family has participated every year except when her son was born, because he was due in August and she definitely couldn’t participate at the same time.

Annie says, “for years, it was just about the challenge of the run. But now, it’s all about the family.

“We all love it, put it on the calendar, and look forward to it every year.”

“There hasn’t been a year that it’s disappointed us. My whole family looks forward to it every year.”

Annie has lots of happy memories of past runs.

But her favorite was when she ran as part of a huge team of 100+.

“We had over 100 people all in yellow and the kids had their faces painted and it was just good fun.”

Annie’s Park2Park fun run was different this year, but no less memorable.

Annie and her family

Annie’s taking her Park2Park to the farm

This year, Annie and her family completed their run on their own property.

Annie says, “this year, we did it on our farm. My husband designed the course for us. It was sight unseen when we went out there. I didn’t know how many hills he put in it until we went out to run.”

Annie’s husband is on crutches this year and couldn’t participate, but he created a 5km running track on their land for the event.

Annie and her familySo, she and her sons went out there among the cows to complete their run.

Annie laughs, “We did it last weekend, and my kids want to do it again this weekend.”

As Annie’s story shows, the Park2Park run is about more than the track. It’s about family and tradition, and about finding a way to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals no matter what!

Don’t miss out on making Park2Park history with your family. There’s still time to REGISTER BEFORE AUGUST 23RD.

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