Brett Kitching returns to Ipswich for Park2Park

"We’ll make the special trip just for park2park. We’ll make sure we don’t miss it"!

Fifth-generation ‘Ipswichian’, Brett Kitching is planning on returning to Ipswich to run the Ipswich Hospital Foundation Park2Park this July!

Former CEO of the Ipswich Turf Club for 17 years, Brett attended one of the very first Charity Runs with us 17 years ago.

“Now I’m retired, you’ll find me running along Cabarita Beach with our dog, Holly – she enjoys it as much as we do”.

2021 will mark Brett’s 10th Park2Park and we’re excited to welcome him into the 10 Year Club.

“Although we’ve moved away from Ipswich, we’ll be travelling back for the Main Event on Sunday 25 July at Limestone Park – we wouldn’t miss it.

“Park2Park is a terrific thing to be doing at any age.

“I’m 56 and you can still find me running.

“It keeps me fit, keeps me active and moving.

“That’s why we’ve been supporting for so long.

“Whether it is a half marathon, 10km, or 5km.

“It’s a challenging course, but it’s the accomplishment of getting it done as a team keeps so many of us coming back.

Brett says the best thing about Park2Park is the options.

“There are so many options regardless of what level you’re at or where you live.

You can run the Main Event on Sunday July 25, or the Virtual Event from Saturday 17-31 July any where, any time.

“The 5km walk is terrific for someone just starting out.

“Regardless of age, where you’re 8 or 80, Park2Park is for everyone.

“I’d encourage anyone to give it a go, support a local cause and local research.

“If it’s your first time or 17th time, it’s a great idea to get involved.

“We’ll make the special trip just for park2park. We’ll make sure we don’t miss it!

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