Four ways to show the Park2Park spirit

Even though there won’t be a physical meet-up this year, there are many ways you can keep the Park2Park spark alive.

The COVID-19 pandemic might have put a damper on some things, but it’s not going to stop Ipswich Hospital Foundation’s 16th Annual Park2Park Fun Run!

This year’s event is going ahead but with a twist. Since this year’s fun run will be supporting Virtual Healthcare across the West Moreton Region, it is only fitting that Park2Park also goes virtual.

This year’s Park2Park will be held from Sunday, 26 July to Sunday, 23 August.

Participants can complete their selected course anywhere and anytime during the four-week period.

Individuals and teams can help raise funds for Virtual Healthcare by running for their local hospital – Ipswich, Gatton, Boonah, Laidley, Esk or The Park (Wacol).

Even though there won’t be a physical meet-up this year, there are many ways you can keep the Park2Park spark alive.

Share your story

Has your local hospital helped you through a tough time?

Do you understand the benefits of Virtual Healthcare during this difficult time?

Do you want to give something back to our healthcare workers?

Consider posting a short video on social media telling people why you are participating in Park2Park this year.

Team who ran Park2Park Previously

Show your team spirit

If you are running as a team, make it fun!

Create a team theme and/or uniform and show it off.

Set distance goals for each other.

If you can’t meet up to run in person, choose the same park and leave notes of encouragement at the end of the path.

And don’t forget to share your progress on socials!

Choose your park

The great thing about a virtual fun run is that you can basically choose your own adventure.

Run on your treadmill at home or go to your local park.

If you want to get the whole family in on the fun, ask them to create an elaborate course in and around your home.

The kids can decorate arrows showing you the way and hold up signs to encourage you along the journey.

Make a pyramid

If you can’t or don’t wish to run with a team, encourage two of your friends and family to run for their local hospital.

Then ask them to encourage two others to do the same.

You might not have an organised team, but you will have organised a pyramid of people to pay it forward.

And don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

To register yourself or your team or to make a donation to the cause, visit our website

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