Sure-fire ways to motivate yourself for Park2Park

Our pro tips to help you get your distance in the bag to support Virtual Healthcare

Here’s a simple fact about starting a fitness regime; at some point, you might struggle for motivation.

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, even the best of us!

Even the world’s best athletes have days when they’d really really prefer to stay in bed instead of getting up and at ’em.

We’ve popped together a few sure-fire ways to motivate yourself for Park2Park.

Set goals

Step 1, register yourself for Park2Park. Go on, do it now!!

You’ve got distances from 2.5km to Half Marathon to our new Intermediate and Advanced Triple runs.

Mark your run in your calendar

Make it official, once it’s in your calendar, stick to it.

Set reminders too if you need it.

Phone a friend

We all know that exercising with a friend, better yet, a team significantly helps with motivation, both in the lead up to your run and during your run itself.

Music to your ears

Pop in your headphones and sing along to your fave bangers!

Exercise and music have been together longer than exercise and lycra – great for motivation and distraction (from wanting to stop) to stick with your run.

Run with a view

Mix up your routine and run with a view. Try somewhere new, or somewhere picturesque – Isis ran to see the Mt Cootha sunrise.

Keeping your mind active on your view is great, especially on those longer distances.

Reward yourself

Apart from your Finisher’s Medal, why not set yourself a little treat to reward yourself for sticking with it and finishing your distance – go you!

New shoes, tickets to the movies, or even a massage all tick our boxes for some post-fun-run rewards.

See you out there running for good!

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