Team up for Park2Park to support more together

Get active together! Run (or walk) as a Team with your family, friends, school, colleagues, club.
Team who ran Park2Park Previously

Whether you are a team of 2, a team of 4, a team of 20, or a team of 100, you can enter your team into Park2Park to pound the pavement together for a good cause.

This year, you have the choice to run for research at the Main Event on Sunday 25 July or the Virtual Event from Saturday 17-31 July.

Together as a team, you’ll be making a real difference to local research to bring better care closer to home for our community.

Creating a Team is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Register yourself and create a Team name – get as creative as you like here.
  2. Encourage all your friends and family to register with your Team name too.
  3. Run together and have a lot of fun!

3 ‘pros’ for running as a Team

  1. Accountability – it’s harder to bail when someone’s relying on you!
  2. Motivation – making that full 5km is so much easier with someone (or few) by your side
  3. Social interaction – we’ve been isolated for so long, now it’s time to get social (while socially distancing still)

You could sign up as an individual, but where is the fun in that?

Team Friends

Throwdown the challenge to your friends, many of whom have probably told you how much exercise they’ve been getting during lockdown!

Team Family

For parents, why not prove to your kids that you’ve still got it? Create a family team and generate a bit of friendly competition within your family or extended family or even rival it out with the neighbors in your street.

Team Co-workers

Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition in the workplace? We sure do! They say teamwork makes the dream work and we couldn’t agree more. We’re not trying to be biased, but Park2Park is one of THE BEST team building activities you can do with your team.

Team of students

Team Student

Missing out on cross country at school this year? Get your mates together for your Park2Park X Cross Country collab. You can run before school, after school, lunch breaks, or even convenience your PE Teacher to let you run during class.

Team Club

Whether you’re a sporting club, knitting club or gamer’s club, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a Team for Park2Park. We know you like hanging out with these people, so why not bring them together to help support something bigger: Your health, fitness, and Virtual Healthcare.

Team in Yellow

Fast Facts for Teams running Park2Park

  • Team Members can choose any distance – you can all do a different distance. 
  • Team Members can choose to run together or individually
  • Team Members can choose to run the Main Event or the Virtual Event
  • Team spirit, matching outfits, and theme songs are encouraged (not mandatory) 

You’ve gotten this far, so it sounds like you’re Team Champion for your group. Now it’s your time to shine and bring your Team together. They just need a little helping nudge from you to get them started.

Team in Green

Tips for getting your team started

  • Register yourself and create your Team Name
  • Share your Team Name
  • Send calendar invites
  • Make a Team Chat, Group or Event so you don’t forget.
  • Check out our downloads to get the word out – we’ve got posters, social tiles, and more!

Have fun with team names and team outfits.

Remember, every step helps you and your community get fitter and healthier!

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